Poems I’ve had published


I have occasionally been published – no, don’t laugh. Here’s a list of the poems that are ‘out there’, in all senses of the phrase…



Cover of 'The Assassination Museum' The Assassination Museum(2010)Available from Red Squirrel Press(£6.99)

A review is available on page 22 of Northwords Now 15


Edited works

Split Screen cover Split Screen (2012) Available from Red Squirrel Press(£6.99)



Cover of the 'Bugged' anthology ‘Chinese Whispers’ in Bugged
Cover of the second National Galleries anthology ‘Jennie Lee by Robert Capa’ in the second volume of Inspired? Get Writing! (National Galleries of Scotland 2009)
Cover of the Elizabeth Smart-inspired anthology ‘The Ghost-Proof Joke’ in By Grand Central Station We Sat Down And Wept (Red Squirrel Press 2011)
 ‘I Am The Clock That Winds The Doomed Man’ in Not Only The Dark – a WordAid anthology
‘Girl From The Polders‘ in the third volume of Inspired? Get Writing! (National Galleries of Scotland 2011)



Poetry magazines

Cover of New Writing Scotland 25 ‘Air Band Radio’ in New Writing Scotland 25 – The Dynamics of Balsa
Poetry Scotland ‘Bequest’ in Poetry Scotland
Cover of Magma 47 ‘Crossroads’ in Magma 47
‘Djinn’ in Poetry Scotland 54
'Rising' magazine's Tim Wells ‘Frankie Valli Meets My Brother In A Northern Retail Park’ in Rising 53
Blackbox Manifold ‘I Am The Man Who Winds The Doomsday Clock’ and ‘Listening Post’ in Blackbox Manifold 6
Cover of Northwords Now 15 ‘Long Haul’ and ‘Worms’ in Northwords Now 15
Trespass cover ‘Lucifer’ in Trespass
'Rising' editor TimWells ‘Stainless Stephen’ in Rising 52
NWD 2010 cover ‘Sunburst Finish’ in New Writing Dundee 2010
The cover of Gutter 04 ‘The Ladies of B-Wing Topless Calendar’ and ‘The Mockers’ in Gutter 04
‘A Living Will’ in Northwords Now 19
   ‘An Assumption of Monsters’ in New Writing Dundee 6
 ‘Trace Elements’ in New Writing Scotland 29
Magma 52 cover ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Cheating’ in Magma 52
Cutter 06 cover ‘Sour Jewel’, ‘Show Me A Man’s Teeth’ and ‘Dignity’ in Gutter 06
Red Squirrel logo ‘Talk Of The North’, ‘Right To Silence’ and ‘Petulengro’ in Drey 4 – Henge
Dundee Writes cover ‘Market Forces Sweetheart’ in Dundee Writes 3


‘Jennie Lee’ was winner of the National Galleries of Scotland’s ‘Inspired? Get Writing!’ competition 2008

‘Saturday’ was a commended poem in the National Galleries of Scotland’s ‘Inspired? Get Writing!’ competition 2009

‘Girl From The Polders’ was a runner-up in the National Galleries of Scotland’s ‘Inspired? Get Writing!‘ competition 2010

‘Vanishing Point’ was a commended poem in the Poetry Society Stanza Competition 2010

‘Archipelago’ was winner of the inaugural Baker Prize in 2012, and ‘Ferryloupers’ was Highly Commended in the same competition.

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  1. I heard your poem Chinese Whispers on R4 last week. I wanted to use it in an assembly here at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen.

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you send me the poem to have read out (I thought in alternate voices, maybe be with as many people as there are lines). The point of the assembly is to think about what you are saying and where you are saying it with the “feathers in the wind” analogy as the central theme.

    Many thanks


  2. Hello Colin, and thanks for getting in touch. I would be delighted for you to use the poem within the School, and interested to hear how you use it and any reaction to it (positive or otherwise). The poem is attached.

    It would also be good to highlight the book from which it came, edited by David Calcutt (whose voice you heard on the broadcast) and Jo Bell, entitled ‘Bugged’. Details of the book and the project are here http://buggedblog.wordpress.com/

    All the best


  3. andy,

    I too heard your poem on R4 and it has been ‘bugging’ me for a while. I wanted to have a closer look at it, and perhaps use it as a discussion point for language and information with my year 11s. Would you mind sending it to me?

    Thank you


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