NPD 2010 – Patchwork Poem


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I Sing Of Bricks

A Scottish Patchwork Poem for National Poetry Day 2010


Sometimes, when a person asks my place of birth,

I’m looking at my watch, planning my exit

with every beat in my step,

just waiting for the right time,

until eventually it’s now, and here I am again,

where love lies, where I feel safe,

a building where I explore within myself,

created out of homelessness.

A place to go when I need to rest my head,

where my dreams float,

my happiness glows like an ember,

my door at the twist of its key falls open.



Tonight the wind gnaws and stabs with icy daggers,

grinding us the same relentless grey.

The wardrobe yawns shut, the blinds droop heavy lids.

You’re behind me in the room, busy with music,

a masterpiece waiting to be born,

the melody in a score. You linger in backgrounds,

happy, mostly; open, always,

your voice merry at the necessity of sheltering.


Sometimes, in the corner of my eye, I see it, still,

a cupboard under the stairs and one locked drawer,

an alchemy of yellowed photographs, family in a freckled time-lapse,

the room that came alive when a coal fire was lit,

a glowing oil lamp, a warming hearth, a spacious kitchen,

a spoon that pirouettes gracefully across a non-stick dance floor.

Bath, bubbles, book and a glass of wine,

the night our skins finally touched

where hats were laid on grandma’s feather mattress,

my love’s hands, cool as wood.

A snapshot of paradise,

the tree of life, embroidered by me,

a discovery, whose beauty is ingrained forever

and, through its grace, I am welcomed home



My thoughts now shape what once shaped me,

fingers pointing to the coming, the going,

the all-embracing hug of it, the lights-down-low relax of it,

such beauty by day and peace by night.

It remains elusive as a falling star,

defiant as weeds between the paving.

Here I’ve bidden, aa these years

I will never be here bodily again.

The van? Packed. The house? Empty,

but if you return you’ve never left.


This poem was created by taking a single line from contributions by the following writers :-


Helen Addy

Lauren Boyle


Hazel Buchan Cameron

June Cadden

Mark Carlisle

Di Chorley

Jen Cosgrove

Amy Devlin

Irene Ewen

Robinette Featherstone

Pascale Free

Anne Gerono

Eddie Gibbons

Sally Hood

Alissa Jones Nelson

Helen Lawrenson

Pippa Little

Eleanor Livingstone

Anastasia Lumsden

Anne Mackley

Roderick Manson

Lyn Moir

Wendy Jane Muzlanova

Lucy Neil

Stella Pierides

Ann Prescott

Heather Reid

Lydia Robb

Martin Rowbottom

Anna Ruddiman

Kirsteen Scott

Elizabeth F Sinclair

Elizabeth Taylor

Judith Taylor

Michael Taylor

Sheila Templeton

Fiona Thackeray

Jacqueline Thompson

Anji Topping

Deborah Trayhurn

Christie Williamson

Erik Zoha

Poem collated by Andy Jackson

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