NPD 2011 Patchwork Poem


Hello all

I’m proud to present this year’s National Poetry Day Patchwork Poem, assembled from contributions from around the country. Thanks to all who contributed.

A pdf version in colour is available by clicking here :- Patchwork Poem 2011



A patchwork poem for National Poetry Day 2011

I had such high hopes for you.
We were so strong on paper,
both on fire. The last time
we’d played was in the old house,
six stolen weeks, secure in your den,
me listening to your stories,
then climbing the ladder
to play a different game.

What games shall we play today,
foul play and slapstick?
Kiss chase, spin the bottle,
not fun like they used to be.
You leap and stretch in High Definition
like a striker taunting home fans.
If you look at the ball closely
you’ll see it has bloodstains.

Now we are too tired
to remember the rules.
I am small again, a little girl,
alone and chartless,
separated by legal distance
stretching into infinity,
bewildered on the brink of tears,
fishing for wishes in the long loch-dream.

We get to the heart of the thing –
war games, the unbearable logic
of how it’s taking part that really counts,
plenty of time to rest up later.
The game becomes lacklustre,
scrappy, no great shakes
when the moment comes,
same old same old.
We are playing for pride.



This poem was created by taking a line from contributions by the following writers :-

Peter Alexander

Deborah Alma

Anne Berkeley

Di Chorley

Giles Conisbee

Rafael de Swarte

Ian Duhig

Maurice Gartshore

Gwen Grant

Niels Hav

Ailsa Holland

Isaac Hughes-Dennis

Janet Jenkins

Wendy Jane Muzlanova

Stella Pierides

Alison Raybould

Heather Reid

Nicola Robson

Ian Searcey

Elizabeth Taylor

Judith Taylor

Sheila Templeton

Angela Topping

Alice Walsh

Deborah Williams-Kurz

Rodney Wood

Erik Zoha


Poem collated by

Andy Jackson

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