David Annand Sculpture Stroll

Annand at The Ring

An audience of 30+ turned up on Saturday April 28th to hear David Annand mark William Soutar’s birthday by giving a first-hand account of the development of his Perth public art based on Soutar’s poems. First stop was The Ring based on Soutar’s Nae Day Sae Dark, which had just completed refurbishment after its return to the High Street.

Annand at Goldeneye

The party then moved on to Tay Street to view Goldeneye (aka The Dark an Singin Tide) based on The River. The Goldeneye duck is searching for molluscs from the Tay in a three-dimensional setting.

Annand at Salutation

The final stop was the The Salutation Hotel, where David gave an illustrated presentation on his other commissions, many based on poetry. The figure showing is Norman MacCaig. David is currently working on figures of Billy Connolly and Chic Murray balancing on a see-saw.

Photographs by Fiona Mackintosh.

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