Soutar House Flood Update

soutar house feb 11

Door to Willie's Room

Some notes from today’s visit with Ajay and a later conversation with Helen Smout of the library. The house interior is still not the prettiest sight in town, but grounds for optimism I think.

Ceiling plaster is down in the hall, Willie’s room and the kitchen area, making the place look skeletal but opening it up to a good airing. Ceiling replacement should be straighforward with no ornate areas to recreate.

Wood panelling is damaged in the hall and Willie’s room. Door and panel frames still seem to be solid, but the veneers on the plywood panels have blistered and/or burst – refer picture. Renovation/replacement looks to be a practical proposition though.

The leaded windows seem to have survived intact, and the two public rooms at the front are largely unscathed (including the display stands).

All the affected areas are undergoing de-humidification using equipment supplied by specialist conservators. This is a slow process, likely to continue well into March and which needs to fully complete before renovation work starts.

Very few books have been damaged and Dundee University’s specialist team is presiding over their drying out. I understand all the pictures and paintings should be fully recoverable. Furniture, fittings and appliances will largely need to be replaced.

The insurers have paid for all specialist assistance so far but have yet to reach final agreement with PKC on the full settlement.

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  1. helen says:

    Glad to hear things are looking fairly positive. Thanks for keeping us informed, Iain.

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