Soutar House Flooded

Some unseasonal bad news – burst pipes discovered in the SH on Monday 20 December, and approx 75% of the property has been badly flooded. Books and papers have been shipped off to the AK Bell Library for drying out, pictures and paintings to the Museum. The Library people have engaged the Council’s clerk of works to assess the repair work and are also talking to their insurers. Ajay had a look on Monday and reports an apocalyptic scene; some wood panelling already warped and it will be difficult to fully restore as was.

The Library is trying to contact specialist expertise to make sure that things are salvaged and dried out properly. Depending on how their insurer reacts, the main contribution of writers and friends might be to organise fund-raising in 2011 in order to get as good a renovation as possible. More news as I get it…

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  1. helen says:

    Have been thinking about the situation, Iain, and hoping there’ll be some cause for optimism. Paper conservators do wonders these days, as they did fot the McManus flood a while ago – I think Brian passed on some info about that; and freeze-drying is probably the way forward for wet documents. I’m sure you’ve contacted the best people, anyway.

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