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P3 2013

The inaugural P3 competition, run by Soutar Writers, is now closed. This year’s judge is prize-winning poet Patricia Ace whose latest collection, Fabulous Beast, was launched in March of this year and is published by Freight Books.

The winning poem will receive a prize of £100 sterling and the runner up £50 sterling. Both winners will be published on the Soutar Writers website. Entry is online only and a link to the entry form is at the foot of this page.

Conditions of Entry

  1. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16.
  2. Poems should be no more than 40 lines, excluding title and blank lines, and can be on any subject and in any style.
  3. Poems can only be submitted electronically; sorry, no postal entries!
  4. Each poem entered must have a title.
  5. Up to three poems may be entered at a cost of £3/1 poem; £5/2 poems; £7/3 poems.
  6. All poems must be written in English – no translations please.
  7. Entries must be in a legible 12 point font and single spaced.
  8. Poems are judged anonymously and the entrant’s name should not appear on the page.
  9. Poems must be the original work of the entrant, unpublished, and must not have won a prize in any other competition.
  10. No entrant may win more than one prize.
  11. Once submitted entries cannot be amended or returned. Please keep a copy of all the poems you have submitted.
  12. The deadline date for entries is 12 midnight (UK time) on Saturday 31st August 2013.

All entries will initially be read by members of the Soutar Writers committee. Twenty will then be passed to the judge, Patricia Ace, who will select the winner and runner-up. The judge’s decision is final.

Copyright remains with the author, but Soutar Writers reserve the right to display winning entries on their website, and to display, broadcast, or use them in promotional literature for a period of twelve months after the competition closes.

The winner and runner up will be notified by 1st October 2013 and the results, including the short list, will be displayed on the Soutar Writers website after that date.

The Perth Poetry Prize is organised and administered by Soutar Writers and does not have any connection with Perth and Kinross Council.

Entry Form

Click Entry Form to submit your entry. You’ll be asked to submit your entry fee via Paypal; enter your contact details; upload your document(s); then complete your submission. Best of luck!

18 Responses to Competition

  1. Rachel Marsh says:

    I paid through PayPal but closed the window after paying, but then had to retrace my steps to get back to the submission page. Not sure if my payment and poem are connected, so please let me know if I need to provide any further infromation.


  2. Iram says:

    i wana ask exact lines of poem is must or we can reduce it thnx

  3. Iram says:

    it is national or international competition becz i belong to pakistan plz can u confirm so that i can participate confidently

  4. Jonathan says:

    Hello – does ‘published’ include being published on a website/blog? thanks.

    • Heather Reid says:

      Hi Jonathan. As the entries are being judged anonymously we would ask that the poems entered have not been published at all, including on a blog or website, to ensure fairness. Hope you still have something you can send though.

  5. Pratick Roy says:

    I mistakenly sent the poem first before the paypal, should i send it again and this time correctly.

    • admin says:

      If you’ve sent both the poem and Paypal without errors, then everything will be ok. If you’ve only sent one thing or the other, then send the missing part and that will be ok also. Good luck in the competition!

  6. Nic Corr says:

    I’ve just realised that my name is on the bottom of my submitted poems. Is there any way I can rectify this?

    • admin says:

      Heather tells me she’ll remove your name before passing your entry to our judge, so no need to resend. Good luck in the competition!

  7. jack P says:

    There was no confirmation page/email after i submitted my poems. Is there any way I can check that they have gone through?

  8. Catherine says:

    Earlier this week I asked a question about the competition via the site’s ‘Contact’ link. I chose to do that rather than use the ‘Competition’ page because my question was personal and confidential. I haven’t received a reply, and time is running out. Could someone please check the inbox and get back to me? Thank you very much.

    • admin says:

      Competition entries are routed differently to contact page queries, hence the delay. Heather is on the case now!

  9. Charlotte Warren says:

    Hi, I think my payment went through, but just want to check that the poems sent OK? Many thanks.

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