Di Chorley

Di Chorley

Published Work:          

Short stories in Brownie magazine for girls
Travel articles in local Perthshire Advertiser
Short stories in women’s magazines
Poems in anthologies


Personal Writing History:

I started writing in earnest when I retired.  I won a short story competition and the prize was publication in People’s Friend.    Enthused by this I began a novel, “The Fan Club”. Soon after starting this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and quickly realised, spurred on by my friends, that this novel was something I could continue with while I was undergoing treatment and convalescing.  It proved a most enjoyable way of waiting for the all-clear.   It took two years, and I feel invigorated for having completed it.
I am currently trying to find an Agent with a view to publishing “The Fan Club”
In the meantime I have started novel number two, and am entering short story competitions.

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  1. ajay close says:

    The site is great, Di! Demonstrates your range as a writer, and a lovely image too.

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