This blog is for those of you who want to post partly-completed work and get feedback from other group members. It works well in advance of group meetings; if either writer or reviewers can’t get along to group meetings; or if you prefer mulling something over before giving a considered response. Some simple instructions:

This is a private blog, so you need to login using your usual id and password to see it.
If you don’t have an id and password, contact Iain to set up your own blog on the Soutar Writers site.
Any admin requests for this blog can be directed to Iain or Heather.
Post on the Home (i.e. blog) page to request you’d like something reviewed.
If it’s a short piece (e.g. poem, extract), copy the text directly into your blog post.
For longer items (e.g. short story, chapter), best to upload a document and link to it.
Upload your doc to the media library (doc, docx, rtf, pdf and txt formats are supported at present).
Create a link to the doc in your post by using Insert Media (the cogwheel icon) on the Edit menu.
Add any other instructions to your post (e.g. please comment by dd/mm/yy).
Let the people you want to act as reviewers know – email is simplest.
To remove a post or doc, just use the WP dashboard or if stuck, contact Iain or Heather.
Once you’ve been asked for comments, visit the blog and login.
Content will either be in the post or click the doc link to launch e.g. Word, Acrobat.
Leave your feedback either by commenting publicly on the blog post or privately by email.
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