Write here write now

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Oct 162013

As part of the Write Here, Write Now Festival (21 to 26 October), my short audio play Midnight Express will be on at the Traverse. You also get a free three pack of custard creams – because you’re worth it! Revealing anything more would just spoil the fun…. Oh, also, look out for my hidden play called Do Worry, Be Happy! It will be lurking about the Theatre foyer or bar all week. And then there’s my mug shot on the wall too which is a portrait as part of a Photography exhibition. So, me, me and more of me. But only for 6 days. Then, back to obscurity! I like it.

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i like the sound

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Sep 132012

the words ‘sheep corall’ make.

It’s not as good as ‘sheep chaparal’ but then that’s nonsense. Ever seen a herd of evergreen-oak sheep?

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Praise in which…

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Aug 192012

Praise in which i live and move and have my being…

currently flicking through Paul Durcan’s latest befuddled collection.

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Jun 042012

ever read something and think I could never been as good as to write that.

ever read something and think I could do better than that I could you know.

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Apr 112012

Another made up word . . .

What does it mean?

Baudlin: like maudlin but less tearful.

As used in a recent poem called Riverbank:

I then says to myself in a quiet pray like fashion frighten less fish with your baudlin ways.

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Cry of the Caich

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Mar 302012

. . . from the spin it was clear
that his low hung foot, if flattened out
would drive the ball to rise and run.
All he had to do, all he had to do,
was strike it true. This second.

Inspired by: Caich Balls
submission for MUSA objects at Stanza, 2012

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Hankering For A Hunker

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Oct 052010

hungry me for a howdy cowboy hoedown

trip the light fandango before the grind rind of it

winds you up and sets you down.

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Sep 212010

My Bard Of The Bog poem was recently spotted in Glasgow airport international departures toilet! Can life get any more glamorous than this?

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