On Alderney

Hi, if you’re looking for Heather the Weather, or Heather Reid the Canadian photographer then you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you are looking for Heather Reid the Perthshire-based writer you’ve found me, so please read on and, if you like, leave me a comment.

Originally from Lancashire, I have lived in Scotland for the past twenty five years, currently  in Perthshire. I have a husband, two sons and various animals. I’ve been a cook, a waitress, a deliverer of telephone books, a nursery worker (both children and plants)  and a social worker but now am a puppy walker for Guide Dogs.

Putting aside the teenage angst poems I began dabbling in poetry  in 2005 when an early attempt  at the genre was  runner-up in a competition run by Ottakers in Oban. Shortly afterwards my poem, ‘Grey Seal, Loch Etive’ was a runner up in the BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Nature Poem of the Year and  the following year, when we moved to Perthshire, I joined the Soutar Writers Group. Since then I have had both poetry and fiction highly placed in competitions as well as in a number of journals and anthologies (see the ‘Stuff I’ve Done’ page.)

I like travelling and  wildlife, and succeeded in  combining the two whilst on  honeymoon in Zimbabwe, by fleeing from a charging elephant. Other wildlife highlights have included a collision with an armadillo in Florida (not in a car, I hasten to add – no animals were harmed in the making of this website), watching  sperm whales in the Maldives, swimming with wild dolphins (clichéd, I know, but amazing)  and rising through a tornado of barracuda in the Red Sea. Once a keen scuba diver,  I was fortunate enough, some years ago, to spend two  months on an uninhabited island off the coast of Belize, helping to survey the barrier reef.  Although, for now, family life has curtailed my scuba diving activities, luckily I get equally excited when finding newts in our garden pond.

I write poetry for adults and children, quite often about the natural world, and I also write short fiction. At the present time I am proud to be the chair of the Soutar writers.