Helen Lawrenson
Helen on Hadrian’s Wall
Now living in Fife, I was born in Cheshire to a Dundee father and a Wiltshire mother – and I have been reading and writing poetry most of my life. After university in Manchester I came up to Dundee, and have lived in the area ever since. I am married to a Geordie, and have four children and two step-children.
Most of my writing is rooted in landscape, and associated with the people who have lived and worked in the landscape: the present, for me, is in continual dialogue with the past.

 I have won the Northern Arts Poetry Prize and the Fife Libraries prize, as well as being short-listed or ‘highly commended’ in several other competitions. My pamphlet Other Harvests was published by Perjink Press, and Snow Pasture by Itelsor. I have had poems printed in magazines including Ad SolemiotaCountryside and Lallans – and I am probably the only Soutar poet to have had a poem published in a textbook for midwives . . .

In recent years I have taught Creative Writing in school and to mental health patients; I have given poetry workshops in schools and libraries and for the Northumberland Art Tour, as well as spending periods as a Writer-in-Residence at Kilchuimen Academy, in Highland Region.  I write because I can’t help it – though I am constantly trying to develop my skills; but I enjoy encouraging others to develop their writing, too.

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  3. Jane Barton says:

    I think you must be the person I knew as Helen Elder. I don’t know if you remember me – Jane Barton (nee Twigger)? I would love to get in touch and catch up on news for the past 48 year. From online information you have obviously had a successful life and kept doing all the things I remember were important to you all those years ago at Keele.

  4. helen says:

    Jane – of course I remember you! I am the Helen you remember, & would love to be in touch. Not sure how we do this – I’ll try to see if I can send you a private reply!
    Get back to me here if I don’t find you another way.

  5. Jane Barton says:

    Sorry not to have replied before now. Would it work if I asked your publisher to give you my email address? Let me know what you think. At the moment I have Linda Fryd watching me send this message – I think it is time to make contact with old friends! Jane

    • helen says:

      Dear Jane,
      I see I have your e-mail address in your message – rjebarton@btinternet.com – is that right? I actually sent you a fairly lengthy message to that address, once I realized it was there: wondered why you had not replied! I also contacted Linda a while ago, but haven’t heard back. My e-mails seem to be jinxed! My own e-mail is h.lawrenson@tiscali.co.uk. Feel free to contact me on that!

  6. Zoe Mulford says:

    I’m a songwriter living in Manchester and I’ve emailed you an inquiry about your villanelle that appeared in Maureen Minchin’s “Breastfeeding Matters.” Because I’m not known to you, it may end up in your spam filter, so I’m sending this as a back-up.

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