Poetry 4


It Could Only Happen in Glasgow

st enoch centre

Red, yellow, blue, primary colours:
helium balloons bobbing in the mall
beside a shopping trolley
whose steel frame winks
in the sunlight that streams through
the glass-dome ceiling, palace-high windows.
Fans whirr. This new mall is busy.
After days and days of greyness
shoppers smile for no other reason
than outside the sun is shining.

Innocence trips by.
A one year old
not long learned to walk
and all ready running.
A cherub-hand snatches a balloon
that flirts above her.
She dances with delight
to the music through the tannoy
that turns to ‘Dancing Queen’.
Soon shoppers, store assistants
are dancing also
in a bright ring around her.

For a while joy is everywhere
Invades the day.

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