Loch Broom:
A ragged hem of mountains
Skirts the sea, the ferry’s wake
a lace cuff.

Summer Isles:
Greylag geese thread
like wave trace, overhead.
A long, dark hair on still milk.

Traigh na Berie:
Foam skims light moths through rocks.
Arses windward, stoic sheep
munch machair grass.

Cnip headland:
Beneath a neolithic shell midden,
pink thrift clumps
on black, bare rock.

Traigh Bhaltos:
Wee doos coor ahint the cauld
in rocks aboo
the snaw strewen strand.

Weir at Loch Suineabhal:
Submerged, larch green, yew green
weeds sway. Trees in a river.
Wind in water.

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