Jun 102011

Welcome.  My name is Pascale and I am a writer, translator, and French and English teacher.  I’ve spent about ten years teaching both French and English to people of various ages and have recently become a proud member of the Soutar House Writers’ Group.

Prior to being a French and Spanish teacher in secondary school, I was an English lecteur in Caen University for a year and then came back to Scotland where I worked both as a press monitor and English Language tutor at Glasgow University for five years.  I also trained as a journalist and won two competitions for journalism.

Since 2009 I have worked as a languages teacher in Scotland and have participated in a number of exciting linguistic events.  I translated and edited into French an interactive schools’ experience as part of the Hunter Foundation for the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.  Visiting pupils from France are now able to participate in a bilingual interactive treasure hunt around Scotland’s most popular museum.  I also co-wrote thirteen interactive stories and teacher activities with teachers in France and Scotland.  Pupils in both countries recorded their voices and drew the pictures whilst we the teachers provided the frame and stories based on grammatical and lingusitc points for learning.  By using Flash and drag and drop activites, the CD-ROM is being used in schools in both Britanny and Perth and Kinross to help primary to secondary transition.

As well as translating and teaching, I have been an interpretor and edited two educational books for Caen University.  I subsequently wrote the English curricula for the Departments of Law and Food and Technology in the same university.

I hope that you enjoy my web page and those of my tallented fellow Soutar Writers.