Morning Frost


Morning Frost

I tingle across the country

A thousand crystals stinging the roads

Injecting my thorns into the trees

To hug them, wrap them with my kisses.

I play like a lyre as I hang on spider’s webs,

Weighing them down

Heavy in the morning sun

And shine swinging

Shine smiling brightly at

That pink purple glow which comes to take me

To take me away.


I hug his face

I bite it bitter

And whisper, licking into his ear, why can I not stay.

Unwelcome, I disperse in tiny droplets

Running like tears across the roots, down each blade of grass.

Walk on me and feel me crunch into your soles.

Let me swing into your trouser legs and sit on your knee.

You belong within my grasp.

But my melted fingers rise into the air onto your cold face.

His stony grimace and I stare at the high sun

Until I am blind.

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