Dualism:Portraits & Poems

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Apr 042011

For those of you looking for something to do during the Easter holidays, Dualism:Portraits & Poems, which features a huge photo of me laughing like a drain in a ball dress, alongside my Orbis prize-winning  poem ‘Sixteen’ (about being snogged in the woods), is at the Montrose Museum, Panmure Place, Montrose, 2nd – 30th April (Mon – Sat 10 -5). Great beach at St Cyrus if you’re taking the kiddies…

Latest publications

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Apr 042011

Poetry Scotland has arrived through the post with my poem ‘Poseurs’ on page 7. Unfortunately, there is a typo in line 2: the line is meant to read ‘I mean, there we all are’ rather than ‘there was all are’ but hopefully most people will have figured that out for themselves. I think that’s the first time one of my poems has fallen foul of a typo in print, so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Good to see fellow Soutar writer, Maurice Gartshore, or Mo to his friends, featured in there too. Mo and I will be sharing a stage later in the year for a reading in Crieff. ‘Poseurs’ was written when I attended a writing group called Words on Canvas at the National Gallery in Edinburgh. I suppose it’s a light-hearted comment on the objectification of women in art. In years past I’ve written about the art and entered the annual competition but missed the deadline this year. I also omitted to send anything to New Writing Scotland this year. Last September was not a good month for me. But a love sonnet that I wrote for my Dad will be appearing in the pamphlet being published of the best Soutar Prize competition entries. Also arrived recently, a copy of THE SHOp magazine, which is a beautiful production. My poem ‘Kiss’, inspired by the Song of Songs in the Bible, has a darling illustration by Jeanette McCulloch accompanying it – two figures embracing in flight. Finally, I had a standard rejection letter from a poetry publisher this week a YEAR after having submitted poems to them! Yes, a year, 12 months, 365 days. ‘Many apologies for the delay in responding’ writes the editor. And I should think so too…

New sound files uploaded

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Mar 292011

I’ve uploaded some new sound files of me reading the poems featured on the site under ‘Readings’. Don’t you just hate listening to your own recorded voice, so cringeworthy it makes my toes curl! I had some help from my teccy friends with these; Kona tells me she spent ages getting a decent sound quality for her recorded work and is only too pleased that someone else is getting the benefit of her protracted trial and effort – thanks, Kona. And cheers Iain for getting them on here. I made another recording today, of ‘Papa Joe’, my Plough Prizewinner. This is for the Plough website and involved me attempting a West Indian accent, which is the voice I ‘hear’ the poem in. Thanks to Kei Miller for helping me with this (and for inviting me to a delicious dinner in the process) – not only is Kei one of the best readers of poetry around these days – his rich, melodious voice transports the listener to another, far better world – the boy’s a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, too. His home-made basil ice cream was to die for! I’ll let you know when the Plough page goes up (and you can all laugh at me trying to be a Trinidadian – hopefully less painful than Mel Gibson in Braveheart!). Actually I prefered listening to myself with the Caribbean lilt – perhaps I should adopt it full-time?