I am feeling myself so much enjoy!

Yes! It is truth! Today I am feeling myself so much enjoy and proudness! My huge and unfriendly bodyguard Sergei is being victorious in All Provinces Yoga Tournament! See here photograph of winning yoga position, as featured in local gazette, “Revolting Peasant Today.” People sometimes under mistaken apprehension that my faithful (yet huge and unfriendly) bodyguard is simply common thug! Nothing is being further from truth! He is gentle and simple man and comrades who have known him (in past when they were alive) said he is being cruel yet fair. For the example to make – if he is cutting off right ear from evil capitalist transgressor, he is never leaving left ear in lonely state. Such sensitive man as I have already never experienced! Sergei is also feeling himself so much enjoy in relaxing with the macrame and cross-stitch. I am asking you. Is vile and unfortunate reputation of faithful slave deserved? After I am finding much rope and many needles in back of Lada, Sergei is confessing to me that he is making surprise handicrafted gift for his former “business partner” Dimitri Killemov. How I am being touched! Well done, Sergei, in your valiant attempts to be starting fresh new life (mostly) free of crime! I am saluting you with fervour and demanding immediate execution of your critics, my Bolshoi Boy! xxx

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